We study the perception of humans in the wild because that’s where we live, and because behavioural change begins with perceptual understanding. Our primary aim is that you - a Misfit - will come to know less than you think you know now—but understand more. 

How does that work? Because everything that is interesting, engaging, or powerful doesn’t begin with knowing. It begins with not knowing. As you learn more about our work, you’ll see that we want you to doubt and question at the deepest level of your identity. Your perception of the world around you is ever-evolving. When you take a step back, things might be a little different than you expect. 

To accomplish these ambitious goals, we combine scientific understanding with our expertise in interactive design, production, and media communications. Our team of Misfits creates spaces, products, immersive experiences, and wellness opportunities for you and brands all over the world to become aware of what you perceive, how you perceive it, and—most importantly—why you perceive it. 

This is not a simple task. Or one that happens quickly. All questions begin a quest. And we are on one. 

If you are a Misfit, then this is an invitation to join us. This is a quest, not to shift our perception or yours, but to expand it. No matter what you think you know, all of us need to—and can—expand our perceptions. 

Life’s most natural systems, including your brain, adapt to survive. By expanding your perception, your brain becomes more adaptable and throughout generations of evolution, the most successful systems were the ones that could change when they needed to. With a world in constant flux like ours, that quality is more valuable than ever. 

However, to adapt during evolution, even in your personal life, requires one thing. The functional structure of your brain, body, and everything in perceives, knows, and believes comes down to one essential challenge. What is it? 


We thrive on uncertainty and want to help you discover how it feels to expand your perception through it. Join us on this journey and learn more. 


Written by: Beau Lotto.

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