All the world is a lab.

Every moment, an experiment.


Welcome to the Lab of Misfits

the world’s only Perceptual Neuroscience Creative Studio comprised of leading scientists, artists, designers and technologists.

Our mission is to understand how and why we perceive the world the way we do and apply that understanding to help others adapt to an increasingly uncertain world. Our combination of expertise and process provide fundamental insights and values to people, brands and organizations.

We Study Humans in the Wild

…by creating experiments that are also experiences, we break down the walls of the traditional laboratory.

We create real world, immersive, measurable ‘Experiential Experiments’ and invite audiences and organizations to participate. Each Experiential Experiment focuses on an essential human value, is enabled by art and design and measured with cutting-edge neuroscience methodologies.

We Inform and Transform

with neuroscience-backed insights about perception that impact all levels of human endeavour.

Our data gives individuals, communities and organizations the opportunity to apply the principles of perception in order to innovate, adapt and thrive.

Our Misfit Values


We create data-driven insights that enable you (and your brain) to see possibilities that were previously unseen.


By engaging in the real, physical world, these insights become your insights, which gives you the freedom to choose the changes that will endure.


Our immersive, scientific and at times naughty approach results in an embodied understanding of what it is to be human, which leads adaptability, compassion and creativity, human values that are essential if you (or your organisation) are to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world.


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