Lab of Misfits’ focus is on the study of perception; how past experiences shape how we see ourselves – present and future – and how we view uncertainty. If what we perceive now is based on what we know from the past, how are we to step into something unknown? It’s a risk. An adventure. And it’s how we propel ourselves forward into exciting existence. A part of doing this research is embodying the larger truths being determined. Beau Lotto set out to be an example of embracing uncertainty.

Over the summer, Beau packed up his New York City home, moved it into storage and reduced his belongings to two duffle bags. He was without a permanent home, and was preparing to turn left. Multiple times. Beau set out on his own adventure in uncertainty. No plans were made in advance - or as little as possible - and he has been writing and speaking about it along the way.

In his rag-top car, he headed to Maine before taking the sharp left toward Seattle. He headed west to begin his ‘Adventure into Uncertainty’ which was to bike his way down the West Coast.  As Beau describes, “Adventure is the stepping forward into the unknown proactively in order to create meaning out of ‘not knowing’.” Technically, the drive from corner to corner of the United States could take less than three days. Beau planned on ten. He took 18. Meeting people in the nooks and crannies of the country who shared their life experiences and own adventures with him.

Finally, after arriving in the Seattle area, Beau prepared his bike (the “bone-shaker,” as he called it) and aimed south toward California.

He invited fellow misfits to go on an adventure with him by creating and starting their own 30-day practice that will exercise their life. In whatever form that meant to them. 30 days of meditation, of physical or mental exercise, of being purposeful, of finding new ways to express love. Anything that might propel them forward into a new, unknown space.

Beau biked 1,500 km over several days, climbing elevations nearly twice that of Mount Everest. Checking in with his team of misfits along the way, from outside along the rocky coasts to hotels with limited WiFi, he shared tales of skinny dipping in hidden ponds, multiple tire blow-outs (in one day), and his experience of letting go of the anticipation of his next steps. He speaks about how you listen and what you listen to is what will define your adventure. Not just now, but in life.

Having recently ended his bike journey in San Francisco, Beau has turned left again.
For the second time by rag-top. He’s currently driving across the country via the Southern States, thereby completing a loop that spans over 30 different States. At the time of this writing, he is somewhere in Northern New Mexico … where he will be tomorrow … even he doesn’t know. The adventure continues.

Follow Beau’s adventures on the Lab of Misfits Adventure in Uncertainty’ blog posts.

We want to hear from you about your commitment to your own 30-day practice. What have you done, plan to do, or want to do in your journey through uncertainty?


Written by: Amy Gentry.



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