Working on the series of 'Thought In Motion' videos was an exciting endeavor as we knew just the person with the precise passion who could truly help bring the vision to life. Gianni Howell our creative film designer helped crafts these short clips into meaningful moments! Please continue to read below as Gianni reflects on our creative process.

Episode 1: You Make the Meaning:

In 'You Make the Meaning' we wanted to give the audience a lot of nothing, with a little bit of something, to spark a lot of anything they could imagine.

Now, if you understand that statement stop reading, you win, but if you’re like me (I’m the guy who made the video) and asked what does that mean, let’s discuss further. First, let’s talk about setting and how the video takes place in a Ghost Town here in Nevada.

Nothing in the town was practical or useable anymore. The windows of the cars provided no protection from the environment; the cars can’t even turn on. The roof of the barn had holes in it to allow for rain and nature to take its course, and the ground was so dry there was no crop or sign of life in sight (aside from the rattlesnakes and scorpions, we were warned of potentially encountering) yet the area was full of energy. The history of the area and the many treasures collected from previous lives is what filled this town and our minds with fascination, exploration, and perspective of this forgotten world.

That’s what gave us the idea for this video and what we wanted to convey throughout it. The video wasn’t to provide answers but to inspire imagination. From the moment the actor got off the battered bus, taking photos on his phone, and even relaxing in the outdoor bath we wanted our audience to question the actor’s motive or meaning behind it, which all can be answered by you (the audience) because 'You Make the Meaning'.


Look out soon for the next in the series of 'Thought In Motion' videos - Be In Between.


Written by: Gianni Howell.


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