Bringing you a third meaningful moment from our 'Thought In Motion' video series, Gianni Howell our creative film designer, reflects on the creative process for making this film clip.

Episode 3: Seeing Yourself See:

With this video we asked ourselves, “How do we show, visually, the very personal nature of journaling?” The actual act of journaling is quite simple… It’s someone sitting down, taking out a pen, and writing. An onlooker really has no clue what that person is doing, going through, planning for, or writing about. As you can imagine, at first, we struggled with this visual. With 'Seeing Yourself See' we thought what-if we COULD see what that person was writing about? 

With this now as our concept, we used some 'video magic' to help show the inner workings of someone’s mind while they write. To visually see what the person is, in this case, choreographing attempts to show the audience the possibilities they can unlock if they themselves journal.


Look out soon for the next in the series of 'Thought In Motion' videos - See The Gray


Written by: Gianni Howell.

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