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As I wrote in a previous blog, I was exhausted 2 minutes into my test-ride. I suggested - with some quiet trepidation - that we don’t get in shape and then live. We get in shape by living. Since then, my number of kilometers per day has increased steadily. 

As all adventures start in the same way … with leaving. Leaving is also where the hardest part often lives: Starting

Starting is hard. Procrastination is so much easier. 

There are quite a few reasons why this is true: One is that procrastination is typically linked to impatience. Which means if you’re a relatively impatient person, you’re more likely to procrastinate, especially if there is a higher cost to delaying the task. Sit with that for a second: The greater the cost of NOT doing something means the more likely you’re NOT going to do it!

This is partly because people who are expert procrastinators are more impulsive and have a higher preference for more immediate rewards. Whereas people who tend to procrastinate less have a bias towards more distant rewards. What is more is that when we delay doing something we know we should do, your brain actually rewards you. Your reward areas become MORE active, basically as a form of self‐regulated failure that prioritises short‐term mood over long‐term gain.

How can we start? One strategy is shared ‘pre-commitment’. 

Hence, when I started turning left this time by bike, which I anticipate will take me about 30 days to complete, I suggested that it could be an opportunity for others to create and start their own 30-day practice that will exercise their life. Knowing that others are also engaged in a 30-day-practice, which has been made public, can be a strong motivator to start. Personally, it has also helped chivvy me down the coast … as it adds tremendous reason to my cells (muscle cells in this instance) to ‘just pedal’.

Quite a few fellow-misfits shared what they are going to do … and are now doing. Some descriptions are listed below. There’s a range - on purpose: To not only incentivise you to engage, but also to foster ideas in how to engage: from taking steps to reading pages to painting.

Thank you to all the fellow Misfits who are taking your own left turn, exercising your life … and sharing your personal adventure with grace and humility, either publicly or in within the privacy of your friends, lover, family or even your own heart.


"I love the 30-day challenge — its inspiration and aspiration. As Beau has made us ponder the nature of adventure over recent weeks, I’ve been thinking about Eugene Ionesco’s words: "A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.”  I’ve forever wanted to hone and exercise my sketching skills, as I love looking with purpose and intent. For my own travels, I always pack a fountain pen and watercolors, but 90% of the time return without a sketch as I struggle with lack of time as well as a hurdle of my own sense of standard. And it would be so much (much much) better to have a bad quick hurried sketch created on location than a perfect oeuvre drawn at home from a photograph. Ergo: as my 30-day indoor adventure challenge, in order to exercise my drawing skills, I shall chronicle the bicycle journey from Seattle to San Francisco in a little moleskin journal. I’m excited to explore where this vicarious journey shall lead." 



"I find it very hard to stick to new habits (especially the good ones) but you've inspired me to take on this challenge. I choose to exercise my life through daily cycling and a meditation practice for the next 30 days, and hopefully many more. I'll be cycling at sunset, and for the meditation I will use an amazing meditation platform called My Life is Art created by Emmanuel Jal - a former child soldier from South Sudan who became an international musician and peace activist. Thank you Beau!"


"Beau, you’ve inspired me to read a minimum of 15 pages a day for the next 30 days of a book I’ve been wanting to read all the way through but haven’t because “life” got in the way 😋. The book is “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. That is my exercise that I am committed to for the next 30-days while you embark on your biking adventure! Thank you for the inspiration!"


"I began doing a grounding/centering practice each morning (yoga/chant/meditate) and will continue for the next 30 days. Hoping to get back to focusing on NOW vs getting stuck in past/future & create space to just BE with/accept all. Excited to jump off the old track, and allow the universe to open & guide. Thanks for the inspiration!"


I’d be grateful for your engagement … and to share a description of it (and why?) in the CONTRIBUTION section at the bottom of this - or the previous blog. Thank you so very much.


Written by: Beau Lotto.



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