But where can we be proactive? 

Writing and journaling.

The process of discovery is nothing other than iterating, not to answers, to better questions. But to do this well, you must  identify the usually invisible biases and assumptions that shaped your actions, for it is these assumptions and biases that define your identity. Which is why questioning them can often be scary, and even risky. 

Hence the evolution of consciousness: To have the freedom to explore and ‘experience’ the itinerant process of discovery and self-discovery in the privacy of your own mind. By documenting this process, your writing becomes consciousness manifest. Which is why journaling can be invaluable, and should be treated as such: 

It gives you the freedom to see yourself see … with HONESTY.

In your life, small or large, document not only who, what, when, where of each day’s experiences. But also document where you found beauty in the impossible, joy in the common, and gratitude in the everyday. And do not ignore the strife, struggles and loneliness that we all feel. Finally, engage in the why of each past experience, and how you might apply that why to your future experiences.

The aim is not to shift your perception. But to proactively expand it

Here I’m sharing with you - with no small amount of trepidation - a personal entry in the form of a poem … in the hopes that it might catalyse your own proactivity in the face of uncertainty.



When we open our eyes and face ahead
Each step forward is further into night.
Few things frighten us more,

Hiding in the living darkness after parents turned out the lights. 
Behind the pregnant flicker of a glowing bonfire after stories told.
Masked by ancient night of forests as we walked past deep shadows.
It’s not knowing what dwells beyond the here and now that we fear.

For we are aware of our destination.
The one certainty,
Of each day’s grain passing from now to there
Encouraged by the hourglass.
Life’s only frame.

It guides every decision we made and will ever make,
An infinite number of times.

But to stride with the skull of uncertainty in one’s arm
Which is the first step towards anywhere.
Is to travel with courage from A to NOT-A
By looking away from obvious past meanings.

Where we look reveals who we were.
But what we look away from reveals who we will become.

As sand speeds moment by day,
Grace is not in the delusion of seeing an unemptied side full.
Nor in grasping for the upper chamber of hour’s glass.
But in being grateful for the sand’s flow.

For life is natural movement, 
And beauty its imperfection.

The question is …
What will you do at the equatorial zone?
Seek to question or seek to convince?
The answer will create you.

The most dangerous thing you’ve ever done is a word. 
… ‘Why?’ ...

Its answer perceptions the brain and emotions the heart.
and recreates foundations 
even in places they laid before. 

The strata of time is inverted for a life lived with kindness, curiosity and courage.
Not upwards towards the sky, 
but downwards towards the earth’s core. 
Where the most recent actions become ground everything else that came before. 


In our next blog of this series, we will explore other ways in which you can apply proactivity to enable you to thrive in uncertainty. 


Written by: Beau Lotto.


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