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Lab of Misfits

Inspired by our research on bees using the Bee Matrix, these 10cm2 crystal cubes are internally etched in three dimensions with – literally – the flight of the bumblebee.

There are three etchings – and thus three different cubes, each showing two minutes in the flight history of the same bee as she learns to see. In the first two minutes the bee’s flight pattern seems random as she flies from flower to flower in search of a sugar reward (each flower is represented as circles on one face of the cube). The second pattern reveals the bee’s indecision: all her choices are accurate but she spends a long time flying to and from the array of flowers before making any decision. Here you’re literally seeing the bumblebee ‘figure out’ the puzzle. The final trace shows the most efficient flight path, where – as an expert – the bumblebee flies straight out and lands on rewarding flowers with minimal movement. Thus, etched in this series of cubes is captured the essential process that we all go through when ‘making sense’ of the world and ourselves.

These cubes can be bought individually or as signed 2-metre glass sculptures made up 40 blocks each – as originally exhibited at TED GLOBAL 2009 and the Science Gallery, Dublin, in 2008.

If you would like more information about the cubes or towers, please contact Beau Lotto