A new wave of discovery: Bringing Perceptual Neuroscience to brands and organisations

All the world is a lab and every moment a new experiment. The Lab of Misfits is the world’s only neuroscience-focused creative studio that pioneers authentic brand experiences designed to expand perception.

If your purpose is not authentic, it's merely a slogan. True authenticity requires 'unfakeable signals', the enduring values that resonate with you and your audience. The Lab of Misfits discovers these values to help people, businesses and brands create genuine connections.

We achieve this by studying humans ‘in the wild’. Our immersive, measurable ‘Experiential Experiments’ focus on how humans perceive the world around them and are designed to unveil the essential truths that drive their decisions.

By combining our unique expertise in neuroscience, immersive design and engaging story telling, the Lab of Misfits creates content and experiences that are insightful, emotional and actionable.

Why it matters

Every brand strives to deepen the connection with its audience. By engaging the hearts, minds and real lives of the audience, the Lab of Misfits delivers reliable insights that brands can act on.

It's not only brands that desire this deeper connection. According to Boston Consulting Group, authenticity is the number one quality that attracts audiences and today's consumers demand that companies stand for something bigger than profits.

But building this connection comes with a challenge - fewer than 3% of brands are perceived as having a positive impact on people's sense of well-being, according to The Guardian.

However, the benefits make this journey worth it. The most meaningful brands outperform their competitors in terms of awareness, purchase intent and premium processing. When your brand actively engages with its audience, it benefits both sides of the relationship.

This is why working with The Lab of Misfits matters.

A case in point

Cirque Du Soleil

cirque du soleil

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Lab of Misfits partnered with Cirque du Soleil to uncover the truth behind awe, one of the most powerful human perceptions.


Our partnership with Cirque du Soleil garnered top tier earned media coverage on ABC’s Nightline, Fast Company, Forbes and Vox, gaining more than 100MM impressions.


The increase in online conversions around the Cirque du Soleil since the campaign's launch.


The MainStage TED Talk at our neuroscience experiment has earned 280,000 views and counting.


A deeper understanding of the sensation of awe, which can be applied to future experiments and designs.


What we deliver to you

Immersive experiences


Immersive experiences, physical products and key IP that your audience can participate in.

Scientific white paper


A Whitepaper describing the unique, scientific insights and their human value provided by your brand's products or services that can be used for PR or marketing efforts.

Hero video media content


A ‘hero’ video, social media and advertising content that is emotional, personal and relatable.

Our team

Earned media is invaluable for brands. But the most important quality of content being shared by millions is not celebrity, humour or shock. 

It’s the stories that offer emotion, insight and action into someone’s life.

This is what the Lab of Misfits delivers!

We are the world’s only neuroscience-focused experiential design studio that is also a real lab. Our unique process and highly experienced team do real science in the wild, generate insights that are immediately actionable, create highly emotional, shareable media content, and can deliver true impact via our exclusive partnership with one of the world’s largest and most innovative PR and Marketing companies, BCW. 

Meet The Misfits

Our Process

Our 20/20 Discover, Explore and Own process approach asks the right questions and puts them against scientific parameters to deliver the insights and results that our partners need.



Identify Human Value

Discovery begin with context. We determine the targeted human values and why we are looking at them.

Understand the Landscape

Next, we ground these values in science through social and literature research, influencing our overall strategy.

Develop Key Question

Finally, we establish the questions that offer the greatest potential to engage our audiences and expand their perception. This will then inform our further exploration.



Design the Experiment

We explore the established values by mapping out and designing the experiment that best uncovers them, with a firm timeline in place.

Launch the Experiment

With our approach settled, we create an immersive experience and capture all the associated media and data it produces.

Present Experiment Data

For the reveal, we analyse the data and distill its meaning or significance and create shareable media contents share with one’s employees, one audience and society in a meaningful and sharable way.



Novel scientific insights, each of which offers an entry point for PR and marketing efforts

Media content that generates significant earned media coverage and drives organic, bottom-up paid media campaign(s)

The potential for novel IP and product innovation - A foundation for adaptable leadership, communications and corporate strategy

Engagement with key audiences that extend your social and consumer reach, with a focus on younger customers.

Deepening of employee engagement that improves internal productivity and creativity

By enabling your audience to embody your purpose in a way that affects their personal lives beyond the engagement with your brand, only then will you stake an unfakable claim to the ‘ownership’ of that experience and purpose.

In doing so your ROI will be industry Reputation, social Relevance, audience Retention and new, innovation-based Revenue