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Lab of Misfits


Formal launch of Beautiful Mind

Beau Lotto and the directors of branding consultant Purpose have announced the launch of a ground-breaking neuro-design lab which will provide a unique resource for UK and global brands. The new limited company, called Beautiful Mind, brings together the latest knowledge in neuroscience, behavioural science and design thinking in order to offer brands a new way of looking at customer and client behaviours. Beautiful Mind recognises that the world is changing at pace and that for many companies this creates the need for constant innovation. The fuel for innovation is seeing differently and thinking differently: building on Lab of Misfits own research around perception, Beautiful Mind will help businesses to see and think differently and ultimately to stimulate creativity.


Through the collaboration of leading designers and its team of neuroscientists, Beautiful Mind will enable brands and businesses to better understand the way their market and their audiences think and behave to deliver more compelling and relevant interactions with them. Clients will be able to draw on three services: delivered talks, workshops and tailored primary research programmes.


 "We are incredibly excited about the collaboration with Lab of Misfits and the opportunities it brings to create positive transformation."



"Contemporary businesses need to be agile and not simply efficient to survive. Agility goes hand in hand with creativity…"

For more information about the launch, click here

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