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Talks by Beau Lotto in 2013

Beau Lotto has been kept busy with speaking engagements in 2013, in particular talking about creativity and innovation on behalf of Beautiful Mind.

Raytheon Summit, Washington DC, 7–8 March 2013

Beau was invited to talk about leadership at an event organised for the top 350 leaders from across Raytheon, a US defence and aerospace systems company.

Shock of the New, London, 19–20 March 2013

Organised by the Market Research Society, this conference invited its speakers to explore the subject of predicting, understanding and influencing the behaviour of consumers and citizens. In a joint presentation, Beau and Stuart Youngs, co-founder of Beautiful Mind, showed how the neuroscience of how we perceive ourselves and each other can stimulate innovative thinking.

Point 01 Authenticity, London, 2–3 May 2013

Held at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), this was the first conference organised by Point, a not-for-profit organisation created by a collective of designers. The purpose was to celebrate excellence in design and its influence in contemporary culture and society. Beau Lotto was among the creative thinkers, innovators and the elite of the design community invited to speak. For more information, click here

Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit, London, 14–15 May 2013

This event, the world's most important gathering of enterprise architects, business strategists and IT innovation teams, was held at the Park Plaza, Westmingster Bridge. Beau Lotto was invited to be a keynote speaker at the summit. For more information, click here

You can read about Beau Lotto's appearance at the Google Zeitgeist conference in May 2013 here.