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Beau Lotto joins Innovation Debate

In recognition of his game-changing work in the field of perception research and public engagement in science, Beau Lotto was invited to join a panel of experts to discuss scientific innovation in Britain and the world today at the Innovation Debate, held at London's Royal Society on 20th November.

The debate brought together influential and respected people from the worlds of science, technology, medicine, engineering, education, government, industry and media, including Brian Cox, OBE, Professor Workman, Head of Cancer Therapeutics from the Institute of Cancer Research, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Professor André Geim and Jeremy Webb, editor-in-chief of the New Scientist. The debate was chaired by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, OBE.

The debate was streamed live via the Innovation Debate website and can be replayed after the event: go to

In a filmed interview released in conjunction with the debate, Beau Lotto discusses the nature of innovation.