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Beau Lotto talks to CNN

As part of its Ideas Series, CNN has just published an online feature focusing on Beau Lotto's theories around perception and science. Entitled ‘Why Science is like Play', the feature includes a short video followed by an article in which Beau suggests that we should embrace uncertainty in order to be more creative – and that the process of science can help us to achieve this.

He says: ‘So how is it possible to be creative? Fortunately nature gave us a solution, which in the context of human culture we call science. Not science reduced to the Methods section of a paper, but science as a "way of being," where not only is uncertainty celebrated, but so too are possibility, diversity and openness. In other words ... play.'

The article also links to Beau's most recent TED Talk, in July 2012, and to the ground-breaking Blackawton Bees project, which resulted in the first scientific paper of its kind written and researched by school children.