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Lab of Misfits


Collaboration with Baumann Foundation

Since his appearance at the Being Human conference in March 2012 (more info here), Beau Lotto has been in discussion with the conference organiser, the Baumann Foundation, a San Francisco-based think-tank that explores the experience of being human in the context of cognitive science, evolutionary theory and philosophy. With their collaboration, in Spring 2013 Lab of Misfits will create a new venture called The Experiment, in San Francisco.

The Experiment will be a pop-up laboratory space the aim of which will be to explore and explain what it means to ‘be human'. It will be a controlled but creative environment that is not just a laboratory but also a night-club and cabaret – a format that Lab of Misfits explored with great success during its Lates events at the Science Museum in London. The result will be a truly unique experience that blurs the boundaries between science, art and culture.

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