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Lab of Misfits


Beau Lotto at Being Human conference

On 24 March, Beau gave the first talk at the Being Human conference at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, an event where some of the world's pioneering scientists and philosophers – drawing from the latest advances and insights in cognitive science, evolutionary theory and philosophy – gathered together to:
 • explore why we experience our lives the way we do
 • discover what the latest science reveals about human perception
 • experience new perspectives on the human condition

The event was organised by the San Francisco-based Baumann Foundation, a think tank that explores the experience of being human in the context of cognitive science, evolutionary theory and philosophy to foster greater clarity about the human condition.

As you can see in the video clip, Beau introduces his perception research and demonstrates some favourite Lab of Misfits toys – such as the ear switcher – to a 1,000-strong audience.