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Lab of Misfits


What a great night!

In brief ...

If you didn't manage to make it to our Lates night event yesterday, you missed a great evening. Despite being on the 3rd floor of the Wellcome Wing, we managed to attract the usual crowds.

Around 300 Lates goers took part in our mass experiment... the latest phase in our series of donation experiments. 

A fantastic urban soundscape created by Loh Humm ran through the heart of the space for the first half of the evening, later replaced by the awesome Finn Peters jazz trio. 

Daniel Richardson ran another phase of his Balancing Bob tightrope experiment and had crowds of people screaming 'Left!' and 'Right!' as they tried to keep Bob balanced. And Rich Clarke ran lively sessions during which people were invited to discuss ideas for a future mass experiment; more than 60 people gave their input during the course of the evening. 

One of the surprise hits of the evening was the making table, which was jammed the whole evening with people making all manner of wonderful 3D shapes.

And all the while Harry and his team at the Brain Bar kept the cocktail coming...

More news and pictures soon.