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Lab of Misfits


Feb Lates night report

If you missed last night's Lates at Lab of Misfits, here's the low-down:

• Michael Ormiston and Nye Parry put on a great one-off voice performance which ‘exploded' out of the Soundwall and played to a packed crowd (standing room only).

• World champion DJ Switch dovetailed beautifully around our crowd-participation experiment (read on). He played his electro swing mix for 45 minutes, then turned off the music while 50 people took part in the experiment (the rest of the room watched), before firing back up for a 15-minute encore to close out the night.

Balancing Bob was a fantastic group action experiment led by UCL scientist Daniel Richardson. During four sessions over the evening, four groups of people (125 in total) used remote handsets to try, simultaneously, to keep Bob balanced on the tightrope. We'll let you know the results in due course.

• Around 400 subjects joined our latest variant of the donations experiments that we've run at the last two Lates. More news and data to follow on this very soon.

• We also ran Experiment Beta, aimed at seeking Lates-goers' feedback on how best to design a particular experiment – in this case a pain perception experiment – with a view to running it at the next Lates. This area of the lab was busy all night, even though (or BECAUSE?) it involved people placing their hand in a bucket of ice water. Anyway, lots of suggestions were made, which will help us perfect the final design of the experiment for the Lates.

• As usual, the Soundwall and the Brain Bar were both buzzing.

Lab of Misfits is now in the process of moving to a new space on the second floor of the Science Museum, but business as usual in a couple of weeks.