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Lab of Misfits


Lab of Misfits hosts most successful Lates night

We couldn't have possibly crammed more entertainment – or more people – into the lab last Wednesday night.

We had about 1,000 people passing through the lab in a couple of hours, with hundreds queuing patiently outside the door to join in our latest donations experiment – by the end of the evening, around 475 men and women had taken part, so we'd like to say thank you to all of them. News of the experiment's findings will be posted here on the website very soon.

We'd also like to thank composer Anna Meredith (, who played a cracking set for us relayed via our Soundwall, and artist Milo Tchais (, who created an artwork live in the lab, on a wall covered in canvas bags – at the end of the evening, people could take home a canvas bag – doubling as a piece of art – in return for a donation.

Then there was close-up magician Christopher Howell, who roamed the lab entertaining Lates goers with some really cool tricks, along with our own roving illusionists demonstrating Lab of Misfits home-grown illusions, including the whacky sound helmet (which takes the sound from one side of the head and pipes it into the opposite ear). 

Another experiment in action on the night used the public as subjects to investigate whether looking at a particular colour can help you estimate the passing of time more accurately. You can read more on this and other ongoing experiments in the lab here

Our Brain bar was better than ever thanks to our mixologist Harry, and no doubt it will be even better at our February Lates night, which we plan to make even bigger and better than this one.