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Lab of Misfits


Lab of Misfits now opens on weekdays

One of the things that makes Lab of Misfits so ground-breaking is the fact that the public has direct access to the research space. In some cases, the public is directly involved in the designing and running of live experiments. We also, of course, open monthly for the Lates events, when the lab transforms into a club with DJs and a cocktail bar, entertaining hundreds of visitors while at the same time encouraging them to take part in experiments.

But now, we are also opening the front area of the lab, on the first floor of the Science Museum, to museum visitors from 1–4pm, Tuesday to Thursday. These Open Lab sessions are designed to allow people to experience live science experiments and also interact with Lab of Misfits unique objects and installations. Lab of Misfits staff and Imperial College volunteers are on hand to enhance the visitor experience.