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Our current i,scientist project began in September, and since then 27 children have come to the Science Museum for three out of six day-long workshops. The question the children are investigating is: ‘How do I find my way?

So far, the children have taken part in many lively discussions led by Beau Lotto and Dave Strudwick. These discussions have explored, for example, the nature of patterns and of maps, and the children drew some wonderful examples in their ‘lab books' – the home-made, ring-bound books that we gave them to draw and write in. There has been a lot of talk about how to see things differently.. including for example how a Ladies and Gents sign could be interpreted differently.

In the last session, the children played around with our own SoundSeeer app, which enables you to hear the visual world; a few teachers navigated along a black line on the floor using only the app to guide them.

The children have made great use of the Science Museum. Last time, the children went on the hunt for a pirate flag, but they were asked to think about how they found their way… without asking anyone or looking at the maps!

There are two more workshops this month and we hope that by Lates night, on 28th November, the children will have come up with an experiment that we can test on visitors to the lab.

Two of the participating schools have been keeping blogs throughout. To read these, visit Anson Betsy Bee and i,scientist at Tallis.

For more information on the i,scientist programme, click here