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Lates night on 26th October

We ended up with a stack of 400 donation cards after our recent Lates event, on 26th October. This meant that our novice bartenders had been working expertly all evening, making brain-inspired cocktails with names like Cortex Crusher, Amorous Amygdala and Hippocampus Howitzer.

We wanted to run a real piece of research on perception and donating. So, we erected two Punch and Judy booths, where people could go to write down their proposed donation for the cocktail, which they could then either demonstrate publicly in a photograph, splashed onto the wall, or not. We are still number-crunching, but the top donation was £10, and we were given love and kisses by various donors. Also, the public donors just edged out private donors on average, though private donors were more variable in their donations. We are yet to process demographic data (girls vs boys, students vs professionals, left-handed vs right-handed, etc), so watch this space! In the mean time, we'd like to say thank you to ALL our donors.

In the back of the lab people could decorate scarves and bags, as part of our i,maker week, and as usual we ran a range of experiments on computers, in which for example the public had to rate the attractiveness, trustworthiness, intelligence and dominance of faces.

In the background all the while, sound artist Cassiel and DJ Aaron did their stuff via our 77-speaker Soundwall.

Next Lates event is on Wednesday, 28th November, and the theme will be Navigation. We'll keep you posted here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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