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Lab of Misfits


Photography competition is launched

Lab of Misfits has launched a photography competition to solicit mobile phone photographs for a brand new public exhibition space, called The Vertical Gallery, located on the borders of Shoreditch and Hoxton. Photographs can be taken by any member of the public as long as they are of the local community and taken on a mobile phone. The idea is to create not only a public gallery but a local landmark and a unique reflection of the local community.


In collaboration with long-time Shoreditch-based designer Paul Daly, the Vertical Gallery will be London's first public gallery designed to exhibit photographic images that are BY the public, OF the public and FOR the public.


From October 24th to November 18th, we are asking the public to send images for the gallery's first exhibition via a photographic competition. ANYONE can send images, but all images must be in black and white and of the Shoreditch and Hoxton areas, and must be taken by mobile phone – in order to increase accessibility, and to explore the phone as a medium for artistic exploration and creation. Images can be emailed directly to Beau Lotto at


A team of experts and novices, adults and children will select their favourite 16 images from all those submitted. These will be mounted onto 1.2m by 1m Plexiglass sheets and thence onto the tower, and will be visible during the day by natural light and at night from the tower's internal lighting. In the spirit of the experiment, there will be a public opening of the first exhibition on Old Street in December, hosted by Lab of Misfits and the RoadTrip Bar, adjacent to the Vertical Gallery.


Beau Lotto: ‘What we think, believe and even see is shaped by our environment. Our communities are a critical aspect of that environment, including as reflections of ourselves. By displaying moments in time in Shoreditch or Hoxton, the Vertical Gallery will offer the opportunity for people to mirror to themselves and to everyone else the true meaning of their community. For us, the installation is also an attempt to blur the boundaries between public and private, science and art.'


For further information on the Vertical Gallery, click here