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Lab of Misfits


Lates night is a big success

On the night of 28th September, Gaming night at the Science Museum, the Lab of Misfits cocktail bar was buzzing and Dj Nick Rothswell kept our lab – and the Soundwall – rocking. Nearly 4,000 people flooded the Science Museum that night, of which nearly 1,000 came through Lab of Misfits. 

More than 100 people modelled clay, eyes open and eyes closed, more than 70 people rated the attractiveness, trustworthiness, intelligence and dominance of faces on computer screens, giving us some great data to work with. We also ran brightness-contrast experiments on around 50 subjects, and a similar number succumbed to our spinning diamond illusion. Our bee towers and bee arena, permanent exhibits, attracted the usual crowds.

Such was the success of the cocktail bar, that we are aiming to run it on every Lates night from now on. So put 26th October in your diary and make sure you come and join the fun.

Here are a couple of Tweets from Wednesday night:

‘Lab of Misfits late at the science museum. brilliant mad professor environment!'

‘Lab of Misfits is definitely the place to be at #smlates – it's looking and sounding fab!'

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