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Lab of Misfits


Lab of Misfits first Lates event

Following its move into the Science Museum, Lab of Misfits participates in its first Lates event, on 24th November.

The Seeing Instruments, one of Lab of Misfits newest installations, will be on show. Each instrument, beautifully crafted in wood, has an embedded camera that captures any image – or colours – it sees, and uniquely designed software then translates those colours into notes. The rhythm is determined by how users interact with their environment.

Much of our work investigates the process of constructing perception by replacing one sense (seeing) with another (in this case, hearing), in this way. In doing so, we are exploring how the brain makes sense of the light that would otherwise fall onto the eyes. And in addition to the Seeing Instruments, visitors to the lab will be able to take part in experiments in sensory substitution and augmentation.

For information about the Science Museum Lates, click here.