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Blackawton Bees paper published

In collaboration with Blackawton School, in Devon, we developed the idea of getting schoolchildren involved in some truly novel science experiments – the difference being that the children devised the questions, they reasoned an answer, they designed the experiments, and they did all the data analysis.

Mentored by Beau Lotto, the children carried out experiments using Lab of Misfits own Bee Matrix, which was installed in the local Norman church and drew great interest among the whole community.

All 25 children involved with the experiments contributed to the resulting paper, complete with figures that are hand drawn in crayon. The paper is deliberately written in ‘kids speak', and even begins ‘Once upon a time…'  

It was hard to find a journal prepared to publish the paper, primarily because the paper is not placed in the context of related researchHowever, in December, 2010, the Royal Society journal Biology Letters published the Blackawton Bees paper, thereby making it the first ever peer-reviewed scientific paper published in a top journal reporting a truly unique finding, in which all 25 authors are eight year olds... or younger.

For more information, visit our Blackawton Bees page. 

To download the Blackawton Bees paper, click here