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Colour experiments launched

We live in a world shaped by colour. It influences what you eat, what you buy and how you live. ‘What is colour?' and ‘How do we see colour?' are the crucial questions at the heart of our public colour experiments, and indeed are part of a major programme of research at Lab of Misfits.

Working in collaboration with the BBC's Horizon programme, during the filming of ‘Do you see what I see?', we are launching a series of experiments to answer these questions about colour.

To determine the inter-personal differences between people's perception of colour, hundreds of subjects are required. Only in this way is it possible to find relationships between what we see and who we are (our personal state of being: sex, age, race, culture, status, etc). However, to do such experiments in a lab would require months and months – experiments that we were able to complete in a matter of days in our lab at the Science Museum.