Ommatidium: a kaleidoscope of dancing light and colour that celebrates Shoreditch

When struck by sunlight, Ommatidium's unique compound of crystal lenses reflect the sun's path, painting 5,000 ever-changing rainbows onto the pavement. By night, powerful LEDs illuminate the canopy, turning this unique streetlamp into a gleaming icon in the heart of Shoreditch.

A beacon in the heart of London's technology hub

Ommatidium is the creation of R. Beau Lotto and industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson. Their task: To create something that inspires but also useful to the community, and to celebrate the digital innovation the area is famous for.

(Reflecting the Lab of Misfits' focus on perception, the unusual name is based the units that make up the compound eyes of many insects, liking photoreceptors in the arthropod eye to the installation's own canopy design.)

Exploring spaces together: Ommatidium and Traces

Traces is the world's first augmented messaging app developed by Ripple Inc out of San Francisco, of which Beau is the CEO. It allows people to leave digital content FLOATING in the real world for others to discover.

Beau Lotto's Traces team, assorted partners and, eventually, the public will leave 'traces' for the local community at the Ommatidium to find.

This content will include:


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