Creating a new synthetic way to compute

Computation in biology and in conventional computer architectures seem to share some features, yet many of their important characteristics are very different. To address this, we (with Peter Bentley at UCL) previously introduced systemic computation, a model of interacting systems with natural characteristics. Following this work, here we introduce the first platform implementing such computation, including programming language, compiler and virtual machine.

To investigate their use we then provide an implementation of a genetic algorithm applied to the travelling salesman problem and also explore how SC enables self-adaptation with the minimum of additional code.does not solve nor explain the fundamental differences between biological and traditional computation. Just as it is ludicrous to use a real ant colony to model every operation of a modern supercomputer, it is ludicrous for a modern supercomputer to model every operation of an ant colony. The two systems of computation might be mathematically equivalent at a certain level of abstraction, but they are practically so dissimilar that they become incompatible. These differences are important, for natural computation operates according to very important principles.

A step towards making visual music in real-time image

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A Systemic Computation Platform for the Modelling and Analysis of Processes with Natural Characteristics.
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