The new i,am… programme is for young-to-old individuals from different backgrounds to work in isolation or in collaborative groups at Lab of Misfits, in the Science Museum, with the aim of creating original research in collaboration with internal and external experts.

Individuals may ask questions about bee vision, about how humans see pattern and shape, or how we compose music in time and space… or even how to best enable the public to become fundamental to the process of discovery. Members of i,am… are effectively postgraduate students in the lab without the need to justify their interest and creativity by having done the requisite degrees. What is relevant is their desire to learn, create and share.

Thus, a critical aspect of this programme is that those individuals involved can interact directly with the public (as ‘explainers’, for example at one of our Latesevents, with the possibility of leading to a mentorship/apprenticeship programme with the Science Museum’s Education Group.

Good science, asking interesting questions and having an impact is not easy. So, if you are to be treated as an active member of the lab, you will be expected to make a serious commitment in time, energy and interest during the time of your research.

If you are interested in taking part in the i,am… programme, contact Beau Lotto

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