Do you see what I see?


Lab of Misfits was very pleased to appear on BBC2’s Horizon programme ‘Do you see what I see?’, which was broadcast in August, 2011, and explored the nature of colour.

‘Do you see what I see?’ reveals a surprising truth about how we all see the world. You may think a rose is red, the sky is blue and the grass is green but it now seems that the colours you see may not always be the same as the colours I see. Your age, sex and even mood can affect how you experience colours.

During the making of this programme, the BBC filmed Lab of Misfits in the Science Museum performing a series of unique experiments that aim to uncover the hidden power that colour has over our lives, and whether we all see it the same way… with the public actively involved in the process. This research has lead to truly original findings into the nature of perception – the results of the experiments are revealed in the programme.

As Beau Lotto, the director of Lab of Misfits, puts it during an interview for the programme: ‘It’s a fascinating question. Is one person’s perception of red the same as someone else’s or in fact could your perception of red be my perception of green?’

To find out more about these experiments, visit Public colour experiments

The programme is still viewable on BBC iPlayer

An article written by Beau Lotto to accompany the programme is also still avialable on the BBC website: More

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Do you see what I see

Do you see what I see